Strait's Residential Builds

Strait Construction Ltd have built houses and units in Wellington for years. We specialise in good quality construction usually above the minimum code for clients who appreciate a high standard of design specification and finish. We have completed reconstruction projects to correct leaky housing and or badly designed or detailed properties to provide them with a new lease of life. Strait will contribute during the design and construction phase to ensure that the best balance of durability, presentation and ease of use is achieved in any building project. Examples of completed resediential work are provided below.

House builders in Plimmerton

Design Build In Whitby

Strait Construction was instructed to design and build this house for a client that had purchased the section. The requirements were for a single level property although the site sloped significantly, minimal maintenance maximum privacy and comfortable temperature controlled living year round. The solution included warm water heating in slab with gas fired boiler providing hot water to the house as well as the floor system. Ducted ventilation and extract system to ensure ventilation and minimise condensation. The single level house included a suspended concrete slab, increased insulation and interior linings specification were installed along with the double glazed windows and level entry shower system. Extensive decking and drive way area also keeps maintenance to a minimum.  

Builders in Karori

3 * 2 Story Units. KARORI

Strait Construction built these three 2 story town houses on a Karori section for a Wellington developer. They were received well by the market place and have proved to be a good use of the site. These are an example of the urban intensification that can be achieved with a little planning.

Paremata home alterations

Paremata Crescent Alteration

This property was an alteration however the state of the existing framing was very bad and substantial parts of the house were rebuilt. In the end the property is a very functional house with drive on access and great views. Difficult to achieve a combination of good views and shelter from the wind but this property is as close as I have seen in Porirua / Whitby /Plimmerton area. The ducted in floor heat pump system has also been very sucessful installation. It would have been difficult to create the character of this property starting with a new section. 

Building companies Seatoun

2 * 3 Storey Units. Seatoun

This is a 2 town house development completed in Seatoun right beside the beach. It has a large site coverage and many changes were added to this contract during construction. Window washers and other unusual features were part of the build.

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